Monday, March 15, 2010

Thoughts for Life-2

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  1. 65

  2. Automatic Pilot

  3. Now

  4. Don't Complain, just Fix it :-))

  5. Break 1 stick at a time.

  6. Stick to the fight, when you are hardest hit...
    Its when things get worse, you must not Quit :-))

  7. Facing trouble even with a fake smile reduces the pain by 50 %

  8. Are you afraid of actual Challenges or failure in attempting them ?

  9. It's very easy to think big, but need some work to implement even small task. So, keep pushing the door.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Thoughts for Life -1

Life's best time to improve yourself, is when you think everything is going fine. Its universal truth that every good phase will be followed by bad-one and then, good and cycle continues till one's last breath.

For me, bad/dark/tough phases of Life always have some acid test. And, one thing that really helps me, are some inspirational thoughts, statements, comments, dialogues etc. In order to share them with everyone, I will keep writing them. Most of them are not mine, taken from some newspapers, books, magazines, interviews, friends.

They don't matter much, when life is going smooth like butter, but really encouraging in losing times. Your positive thoughts are also welcome.

  1. Sukh Ke Sab Saathi, Dukh Mein Na Koi !!!
    Mere Ram, Mere Ram..
    Tera Naam Ek Saacha Dooja Na Koi...

    These lines are/will be feel by everyone in this world...
    sooner or or poor. It's fact of life.
  2. 3 H's - Life always have shortcuts. For success, it is made up of 3 H's- Honesty, Hard-work and Humour. And one important thing, Honesty is very costly, one has to pay a lot to retain it. But what one get back in return is Peace of mind, Happy soul and Smile on face. Things which money can't buy :-)

  3. Three-Times Lucky. Don't be afraid to try any new thing in life. Most probably, even if you fail once, your luck will change after 3 attempts. Give it, at least 3 best-try of yours.

  4. Winners always have opportunities. Losers have problems. Your point of view really makes the difference. Have smile when you are struck and kill the problem dude !!! Problems don't deserve respect.

  5. Energy- The more you give, the more you will get. Our physical body is very lazy. It needs only very limited rest 6-7 hours a day. Be active all the time.

  6. What u think, u will become. Positive thoughts are like everyday food. Keep giving your mind these pep talks.

  7. If you laugh, the world laughs with you. If you weep, you weep alone. And, if someone is there in your bad times, then you are really lucky. Most probably, those nice persons will be your family members.

  8. 5-Good Things of a Day- Before going to sleep, think of any 5 good things happened to you. Even a loss of mobile can be good thing, as at least your wallet is safe and you will be more careful now. So, cherish small and little moments of life.

  9. 90-10 principle- In life, 10% of things,incidents are controlled by God and 90% depends on our reaction to them. Even 5-second thought before our anger burst, really makes the difference.