Saturday, December 25, 2010

Who knows what's best for us ??

Yesterday night(25th Dec., 2010), I was coming form my colleagues marriage reception in the bus from Majestic to BTM. (The food was yummy there). Bus was almost vacant out and I was sitting alone, at last big 6-people seat. A small kid, age around 4-5 years, come from front seat to my seat. He wanna sit @ window seat and enjoy d chilly winds. But his mom was not allowing to open the window, as it was damn cold and he was having cough also.

Once, he came to last seat, he tried to open window. But, it was quite a tough task for small kid, window was almost jammed-out. He sit quite for 2 minutes and tried again, with more strength this time. Even now it didn't open. 2 tries and both times failure. The kid still not gave up. He tried 3rd time, and not surprisingly, window was not move-an-inch. He was surprised to see, how much efforts, he was putting and its outcome not reflecting at all. And then, his mom called him, his bus-stop had arrived.

This, small incident, teach me a big lesson- "Like his mom, God knows, what's best for us. Even though, sometimes, we put our best effort, try continuously... outcome is zero. In those times, when stuck, have faith in Almighty ..keep trying...either u will succed or definitely, will gain some experience..."

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

21 December


writing blog after many months..During this time, gone to home, learnt many things, failed many times and trying hard to have same honesty throughout life.

The mantra is - "Fail, Fail, Fail" much better than "Fail, fail, Quit"