Monday, February 8, 2010

Smoking - The Style Statement !!!

"Do you know? Smoking is stylish, cool and macho. It makes you more hip-hop youth, sporty and awesome. People will talk about you, follow you and will become your fan. Yes, Smoking is shortcut for being -Mr. Most Popular Dude."

Today, in morning, I had seen a group of 4-5 school boys, average age of 15 years, with very old and yet most fashionable trend of puffing "Cigarettes". I think above lines are what, those kids think. Either, they are from Bangalore,Delhi,Agra or anywhere in this world, their mindset is same.

They have very wrong vision of Cigarettes. What I know about Cigarette is, that they are used for stress-busting by people. Cigarette contains very harmful nicotine drug, which increases body response time for some minutes. So, higher body response time means you get an illusion of relax mind and great calm. And, thats why Smoking comes in this world, as a stress-buster.

I think, it is worstly-affected Addiction in this world. Most of people may know that :- "One cigarette reduces your life by 11 minutes" . And, it's not a joke, but scientific proven fact.

For most youths, Smoking starts as Style statement, in few weeks turns into habit,in few months killing addiction, after few years skin problem, lung, dark circles, blacky lips, ulcer, kidney stonee,Cancer..bla-bla... and finally, Smoker's last nail in the coffin.

( Style statement -> Habit -> Killing Addiction -> Cancer -> Last nail in the coffin XXX )

Isn't Smoking the most boring way of living your life- where anyone can easily predict the future?

Common Guys, give us a break and show some new energetic way of living the life.

"Smoking just Kills, nothing else !!!"

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

What I hate about myself ?

Post that I don't want to write publicly, but blog is all about "Being Yourself" - either good or bad its you. Is liye likh diya hai.

Others can add much more here than me. But, few things I also hate about me and want to change are as:-
  • Many times, I take my friends leg-pulling comments (better known as mauj lena) very seriously. Oh my God, it's too tough to accept the reality about ourself in public.
    Just to add, if I take your light-hearted comments seriously, don't mind, I think it's my problem. Be chilled and leave me alone for some-time. Most of times, free space helps a lot.
  • Want to learn so many things in life but without much efforts. I am always very eager to start new things with 200 % passion and energy, but slowly all energy fades away. 'Jack of all trades, master of none.'

One positive point here is, if someone knows his shortcomings, its relatively easy to overcome them as compared to unnoticed shortcomings. So, all your tough nail-biting comments are welcome.

Phir Milenge,

"In a day when you don't come across any problems - You can be sure that you are travelling in the wong path."- Swami Vivekananda.

My Obsession in Life

All about what I love food, movies, books, shows and many more.

My most watched Movies. These movies I will keep watching forever, I think they are evergreen.
  • Bol Radha Bol
  • Andaz Apna Apna

TV Shows
  • Sarabhai-vs-Sarabhai - It's hilarious. Damn Funny !!!

Food that I am always dying to eat.
  • Rajma-Chawal. Only prepared by my Mom. She cooks it best in the world. Waiting badly for next trip to home.
  • Idli-Sambhar. But, here is one gotcha. First priority to my aunt and then Mom. I can bet it, if once you eat Idli-Sambhar cooked by them, you will never like it anywhere else.
  • Gajar ka Halwa - and that too Home made only.
My Favorite Books
  • "My Experiments with Truth" - An autobiography of Mahatma Gandhi.
Only one thing I can said about this book..."Now, It's my inspiration in Life. If in future, I get some success in life, this book will have a huge hand in that."

Favorite Articles

Will be keep updating this post now-and-then.

Tab tak...Jai Ram Ji ki..
and Hule-Hulare
- Rahul

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Stupid Questions about life ?

"There is nothing like stupid questions, only stupid answers."

This famous phrase, I had heard once in school and have changed my life a lot. Since,then, I am asking all stupid questions, and people around me going crazy.

But, sometimes, I feel my questions are very valid. There are some questions, I have asked to many people, but not able to get proper answers. Hope, anyone in this world, answers me in detail. You can also have a look at them.

1. "God has created this world. But, from where, God himself comes into existence? How he suddenly comes from nowhere and he got so much power?"

If you are atheist, what I want to ask is,
- "How does first element is produced from nowhere ? Even for big-bang theory, you need some raw things. From where they come ?"

Many people have given me answer, that your answer is hidden in "पहले मुर्गी आई या अंडा" puzzle. But, I want to ask them, at least tell answer of that puzzle itself. "Ek solution mila nahi, dusri tension bhi de di !!!"

After such intelligent question, I also wonder on some other things:-

2. "If there is no blue sky covering earth, how it will look?"
Many times, I try to think about it and ends with some mind-vomiting feeling. Toooooooo much imagination. You also try once.

More itchy questions, once they strike in mind.

"If I am not asking questions, it means, I am not able to understand your words at all."