Thursday, January 28, 2010

First SoNet Diet

First Gmail, then Orkut,Linkedin, after that all day Facebook, GTalk,Twitter etc.

I think, this is called Addiction..or bad-bad Addiction.

Its more like that "Instead of being master of mind, u r its slave."

To overcome these, so called Social Networking Addiction, I am going to break away from them completely for full 2 weeks. Yup, u read correct, 14 days.

Honestly, its like a fast. Not fast of food, but from Social Networking Addiction. Let me take a honour, to launch this new Diet for all such addictors like me.

For me, first expected "SoNet Diet" is from 30th January,2010 to 12 February,2010.
Ofcourse, its really tough to include Gmail here, because its importance is like that of water in life. But, its mimimal use depending on requirement.
Also, blog is not included in this diet.

Last words:-
"Ek baar jo commitment kar diya, to phir, mein apni bhi nahi sunta hoon. "

C U All and be Merry Makers,

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

First Public Blog

This is my first public blog. Just started today, blogging, because want to start something completely new in life. Not much expectation from it. Just a stress-buster.

Today, on 27th Jan, two of my friends - Chandreshwar Pratap Madhesiya and Arpit Mehrotra- nickname as- Chandu and Chhota respectively, have completed 1 year in IT industry. My best wishes to both of them.

Let's see whether bonding between me and blog really strikes like that of other social networking websites like orkut, facebook, twitter. Anyways, I am thinking of Social Networking Strike (better known as SoNet Strike) for one week, because of my addiction to them, for atleast every alternative week from february., the coming Monday.

Until Next Blog..

Cheers and be Energetic.