Saturday, December 25, 2010

Who knows what's best for us ??

Yesterday night(25th Dec., 2010), I was coming form my colleagues marriage reception in the bus from Majestic to BTM. (The food was yummy there). Bus was almost vacant out and I was sitting alone, at last big 6-people seat. A small kid, age around 4-5 years, come from front seat to my seat. He wanna sit @ window seat and enjoy d chilly winds. But his mom was not allowing to open the window, as it was damn cold and he was having cough also.

Once, he came to last seat, he tried to open window. But, it was quite a tough task for small kid, window was almost jammed-out. He sit quite for 2 minutes and tried again, with more strength this time. Even now it didn't open. 2 tries and both times failure. The kid still not gave up. He tried 3rd time, and not surprisingly, window was not move-an-inch. He was surprised to see, how much efforts, he was putting and its outcome not reflecting at all. And then, his mom called him, his bus-stop had arrived.

This, small incident, teach me a big lesson- "Like his mom, God knows, what's best for us. Even though, sometimes, we put our best effort, try continuously... outcome is zero. In those times, when stuck, have faith in Almighty ..keep trying...either u will succed or definitely, will gain some experience..."

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

21 December


writing blog after many months..During this time, gone to home, learnt many things, failed many times and trying hard to have same honesty throughout life.

The mantra is - "Fail, Fail, Fail" much better than "Fail, fail, Quit"

Thursday, July 15, 2010

What Failure teaches, that Success forgets to Tell ??

Painted this image during my B. Tech. college days, found out recently during disk cleanup.
Best place to keep it now

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Well known and still so-called-Secrets

Are there any secrets to live a happier life, successful life ? What's the shortcut to earn respect in society ? Is there any really special ingredient which we unaware of ? How will I get my genie like Alladin ?

All these answers can be answered by few traits/qualities, that I am reading in a book 'The Laws of the Spirit World'. I am trying to work on them, dedicating 3 days for each, defining them according to my way. Hope it will improve me and make a better human being.

So, Let set go...

  1. Revenge- Don't hurt anyone physically, mentally, emotionally, morally and most importantly, Spiritually. Do to others what you expect from them. Just to add more depth, 'Khudh kabhi narootho, but sabhi ruthe huo ko manao'...Yeah, one more thing one can add 'Neki kar, Dariya mein Dal'.

  2. Pride-In positive terms, it is Self-Respect. In negative way, it is Ego. The more vibes of energy will overcome the quality in you. More positive energy means more 'Self-Respect', the more negative energy will turn it into 'Ego'. As simple as this...

  3. Physical and Mental Pain (to self and others)- Giving unnecessary pain to self and others is moral crime. Don't abuse your body and mind by indulging in wrong activities to large extent. On some Occasions must be fine but not regularly. Go with common sense what's right or wrong. Having too much food, drink, no exercise, improper sleep habits are all forms of Physical and Mental pain for self....

  4. Self Pity- In simple words, 'Excuses'. Yes, they are just simple reasons, we keep telling ourselves when we fail and really when there is fear to failure. Don't pity yourself, even if there are more chance sto fail. Losing is not end of the world. See people like Steve Jobs, Einstein, Amitabh Bachchan and your idols, they tried and fail. Tried Again, fail again. No worries. Keep trying wholeheartedly and enjoy the journey, more than the destination...

  5. Selfishness- Wisemen said-"The only person in this world, who can really think best for you is YOU only." No one else can be the best judge for you. One can have many well-wishers like parents, siblings, relatives but not best judges. This is called self-caring. Selfishness is just cross this limit. Think only of yourself. Uncared attitude for your well-wishers, your company, your colleagues or your Countrymen. Be little happy for others also for their success, little sad for their failure, encourage them, laugh with them. Bottomline- "Do to others, what you want them to do to you. "

  6. Showing Off (boast,brag etc)- When one shows off? Either to impress others or to hide his shortcomings or to show his superiority over others. Strange but true. We run from our own weaknesses, instead of improving it. Rich person or knowledgeable person many times show off in public meetings/discussions. What to do in such situations - Haso (Laugh). Showing off sometimes could be ignored but everytime if one start doing it, people will surely start ignoring him....

  7. Swindling/ deceiving:- (Cheat someone, fraud) This one is easy to tackle. B'coz I don't know any person in this world, who gets up in the morning with thoughts of cheating anyone. And, I am sure, you may also don't know any such person. Anyways, we have to just keep a check on ourselves, so that in daily routine life, we don't get overflowed in wrong emotions and become dishonest...
Others to be Continued...

Monday, May 24, 2010

Quest for Self...Sunfeast Open 10K Bangalore Marathon

What a superb experience it was? I want to participate in 2009 year also, but was not able to. This year also although lot of yes-no-yes-no and finally 'Lets just do it'. So, I participated in Sunfeast Open 10K Bangalore Marathon on 23 May, 2009.

Gone there without any thoughts, expectations, pressure, just with cool-calm mind. What I learnt while running those 10,000 metres was just unexpected. It was so much of self-motivation, brain was running like computer, ideas keep pumping in. I was truly amazeed by atmoshpere. I always used to think, why people say 'Run for Oneness', shout 'We Care', cheer for some unknown person..and all those I-thought-logical questions. Most of them got answered by themselves.

Just to tell, while running I was fully tired,having lot of pain in ribs, almost thinking to take break for 10-15 minutes and suddenly, see some senior citizens cheering for others. Oh God, it was awesome inspiration. Instead of stopping, I just continued and after few minutes pain gone automatically.

After so many such incidents on that day, I realize importance of such Public Gatherings. I hope to continue participating in such festival-kinda-atmosphere events and improvize myself as a better Human Being.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Thoughts for Life-2

Will complete this post soon...
Time to collect some more.....
Need them badly

  1. 65

  2. Automatic Pilot

  3. Now

  4. Don't Complain, just Fix it :-))

  5. Break 1 stick at a time.

  6. Stick to the fight, when you are hardest hit...
    Its when things get worse, you must not Quit :-))

  7. Facing trouble even with a fake smile reduces the pain by 50 %

  8. Are you afraid of actual Challenges or failure in attempting them ?

  9. It's very easy to think big, but need some work to implement even small task. So, keep pushing the door.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Thoughts for Life -1

Life's best time to improve yourself, is when you think everything is going fine. Its universal truth that every good phase will be followed by bad-one and then, good and cycle continues till one's last breath.

For me, bad/dark/tough phases of Life always have some acid test. And, one thing that really helps me, are some inspirational thoughts, statements, comments, dialogues etc. In order to share them with everyone, I will keep writing them. Most of them are not mine, taken from some newspapers, books, magazines, interviews, friends.

They don't matter much, when life is going smooth like butter, but really encouraging in losing times. Your positive thoughts are also welcome.

  1. Sukh Ke Sab Saathi, Dukh Mein Na Koi !!!
    Mere Ram, Mere Ram..
    Tera Naam Ek Saacha Dooja Na Koi...

    These lines are/will be feel by everyone in this world...
    sooner or or poor. It's fact of life.
  2. 3 H's - Life always have shortcuts. For success, it is made up of 3 H's- Honesty, Hard-work and Humour. And one important thing, Honesty is very costly, one has to pay a lot to retain it. But what one get back in return is Peace of mind, Happy soul and Smile on face. Things which money can't buy :-)

  3. Three-Times Lucky. Don't be afraid to try any new thing in life. Most probably, even if you fail once, your luck will change after 3 attempts. Give it, at least 3 best-try of yours.

  4. Winners always have opportunities. Losers have problems. Your point of view really makes the difference. Have smile when you are struck and kill the problem dude !!! Problems don't deserve respect.

  5. Energy- The more you give, the more you will get. Our physical body is very lazy. It needs only very limited rest 6-7 hours a day. Be active all the time.

  6. What u think, u will become. Positive thoughts are like everyday food. Keep giving your mind these pep talks.

  7. If you laugh, the world laughs with you. If you weep, you weep alone. And, if someone is there in your bad times, then you are really lucky. Most probably, those nice persons will be your family members.

  8. 5-Good Things of a Day- Before going to sleep, think of any 5 good things happened to you. Even a loss of mobile can be good thing, as at least your wallet is safe and you will be more careful now. So, cherish small and little moments of life.

  9. 90-10 principle- In life, 10% of things,incidents are controlled by God and 90% depends on our reaction to them. Even 5-second thought before our anger burst, really makes the difference.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Smoking - The Style Statement !!!

"Do you know? Smoking is stylish, cool and macho. It makes you more hip-hop youth, sporty and awesome. People will talk about you, follow you and will become your fan. Yes, Smoking is shortcut for being -Mr. Most Popular Dude."

Today, in morning, I had seen a group of 4-5 school boys, average age of 15 years, with very old and yet most fashionable trend of puffing "Cigarettes". I think above lines are what, those kids think. Either, they are from Bangalore,Delhi,Agra or anywhere in this world, their mindset is same.

They have very wrong vision of Cigarettes. What I know about Cigarette is, that they are used for stress-busting by people. Cigarette contains very harmful nicotine drug, which increases body response time for some minutes. So, higher body response time means you get an illusion of relax mind and great calm. And, thats why Smoking comes in this world, as a stress-buster.

I think, it is worstly-affected Addiction in this world. Most of people may know that :- "One cigarette reduces your life by 11 minutes" . And, it's not a joke, but scientific proven fact.

For most youths, Smoking starts as Style statement, in few weeks turns into habit,in few months killing addiction, after few years skin problem, lung, dark circles, blacky lips, ulcer, kidney stonee,Cancer..bla-bla... and finally, Smoker's last nail in the coffin.

( Style statement -> Habit -> Killing Addiction -> Cancer -> Last nail in the coffin XXX )

Isn't Smoking the most boring way of living your life- where anyone can easily predict the future?

Common Guys, give us a break and show some new energetic way of living the life.

"Smoking just Kills, nothing else !!!"

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

What I hate about myself ?

Post that I don't want to write publicly, but blog is all about "Being Yourself" - either good or bad its you. Is liye likh diya hai.

Others can add much more here than me. But, few things I also hate about me and want to change are as:-
  • Many times, I take my friends leg-pulling comments (better known as mauj lena) very seriously. Oh my God, it's too tough to accept the reality about ourself in public.
    Just to add, if I take your light-hearted comments seriously, don't mind, I think it's my problem. Be chilled and leave me alone for some-time. Most of times, free space helps a lot.
  • Want to learn so many things in life but without much efforts. I am always very eager to start new things with 200 % passion and energy, but slowly all energy fades away. 'Jack of all trades, master of none.'

One positive point here is, if someone knows his shortcomings, its relatively easy to overcome them as compared to unnoticed shortcomings. So, all your tough nail-biting comments are welcome.

Phir Milenge,

"In a day when you don't come across any problems - You can be sure that you are travelling in the wong path."- Swami Vivekananda.

My Obsession in Life

All about what I love food, movies, books, shows and many more.

My most watched Movies. These movies I will keep watching forever, I think they are evergreen.
  • Bol Radha Bol
  • Andaz Apna Apna

TV Shows
  • Sarabhai-vs-Sarabhai - It's hilarious. Damn Funny !!!

Food that I am always dying to eat.
  • Rajma-Chawal. Only prepared by my Mom. She cooks it best in the world. Waiting badly for next trip to home.
  • Idli-Sambhar. But, here is one gotcha. First priority to my aunt and then Mom. I can bet it, if once you eat Idli-Sambhar cooked by them, you will never like it anywhere else.
  • Gajar ka Halwa - and that too Home made only.
My Favorite Books
  • "My Experiments with Truth" - An autobiography of Mahatma Gandhi.
Only one thing I can said about this book..."Now, It's my inspiration in Life. If in future, I get some success in life, this book will have a huge hand in that."

Favorite Articles

Will be keep updating this post now-and-then.

Tab tak...Jai Ram Ji ki..
and Hule-Hulare
- Rahul

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Stupid Questions about life ?

"There is nothing like stupid questions, only stupid answers."

This famous phrase, I had heard once in school and have changed my life a lot. Since,then, I am asking all stupid questions, and people around me going crazy.

But, sometimes, I feel my questions are very valid. There are some questions, I have asked to many people, but not able to get proper answers. Hope, anyone in this world, answers me in detail. You can also have a look at them.

1. "God has created this world. But, from where, God himself comes into existence? How he suddenly comes from nowhere and he got so much power?"

If you are atheist, what I want to ask is,
- "How does first element is produced from nowhere ? Even for big-bang theory, you need some raw things. From where they come ?"

Many people have given me answer, that your answer is hidden in "पहले मुर्गी आई या अंडा" puzzle. But, I want to ask them, at least tell answer of that puzzle itself. "Ek solution mila nahi, dusri tension bhi de di !!!"

After such intelligent question, I also wonder on some other things:-

2. "If there is no blue sky covering earth, how it will look?"
Many times, I try to think about it and ends with some mind-vomiting feeling. Toooooooo much imagination. You also try once.

More itchy questions, once they strike in mind.

"If I am not asking questions, it means, I am not able to understand your words at all."

Thursday, January 28, 2010

First SoNet Diet

First Gmail, then Orkut,Linkedin, after that all day Facebook, GTalk,Twitter etc.

I think, this is called Addiction..or bad-bad Addiction.

Its more like that "Instead of being master of mind, u r its slave."

To overcome these, so called Social Networking Addiction, I am going to break away from them completely for full 2 weeks. Yup, u read correct, 14 days.

Honestly, its like a fast. Not fast of food, but from Social Networking Addiction. Let me take a honour, to launch this new Diet for all such addictors like me.

For me, first expected "SoNet Diet" is from 30th January,2010 to 12 February,2010.
Ofcourse, its really tough to include Gmail here, because its importance is like that of water in life. But, its mimimal use depending on requirement.
Also, blog is not included in this diet.

Last words:-
"Ek baar jo commitment kar diya, to phir, mein apni bhi nahi sunta hoon. "

C U All and be Merry Makers,

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

First Public Blog

This is my first public blog. Just started today, blogging, because want to start something completely new in life. Not much expectation from it. Just a stress-buster.

Today, on 27th Jan, two of my friends - Chandreshwar Pratap Madhesiya and Arpit Mehrotra- nickname as- Chandu and Chhota respectively, have completed 1 year in IT industry. My best wishes to both of them.

Let's see whether bonding between me and blog really strikes like that of other social networking websites like orkut, facebook, twitter. Anyways, I am thinking of Social Networking Strike (better known as SoNet Strike) for one week, because of my addiction to them, for atleast every alternative week from february., the coming Monday.

Until Next Blog..

Cheers and be Energetic.