Monday, May 24, 2010

Quest for Self...Sunfeast Open 10K Bangalore Marathon

What a superb experience it was? I want to participate in 2009 year also, but was not able to. This year also although lot of yes-no-yes-no and finally 'Lets just do it'. So, I participated in Sunfeast Open 10K Bangalore Marathon on 23 May, 2009.

Gone there without any thoughts, expectations, pressure, just with cool-calm mind. What I learnt while running those 10,000 metres was just unexpected. It was so much of self-motivation, brain was running like computer, ideas keep pumping in. I was truly amazeed by atmoshpere. I always used to think, why people say 'Run for Oneness', shout 'We Care', cheer for some unknown person..and all those I-thought-logical questions. Most of them got answered by themselves.

Just to tell, while running I was fully tired,having lot of pain in ribs, almost thinking to take break for 10-15 minutes and suddenly, see some senior citizens cheering for others. Oh God, it was awesome inspiration. Instead of stopping, I just continued and after few minutes pain gone automatically.

After so many such incidents on that day, I realize importance of such Public Gatherings. I hope to continue participating in such festival-kinda-atmosphere events and improvize myself as a better Human Being.

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